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Diabetes risk factors of eating just two carry out meals each week

Fast Food and Take Aways up Diabetes Risk Factors


Here’s a warning of increased diabetes risk factors, and the associated risk to heart and circulation health, to those of us who have become addicted to carry out restaurant food :-

Eating just two take away meals a week can increase your risk of contracting diabetes and heart disease according to recent research.

Young adults were found to be more likely to suffer from hidden health problems if they indulged themselves on fast food meals on a twice per week basis.  Also,  the study found  that overall, women appear to be more susceptible than men to the dangers.

Women at increased risk

Women who eat fast food take away meals regularly appear to exhibit more diabetes risk factors warning signs such as high blood sugar levels and an increased insulin count, than men. The results of the study also indicate that many young people, especially professionals who are too busy to cook,  maybe setting themselves up a serious future health problem, as diabetes now  affects an estimated 2.5 million people in the United Kingdom.


Around 10 percent of cases of Diabetes are classified as ‘Type 1′ which is believed to be due to a faulty bodily immune system. However, the remaining 90 percent of cases of Diabetes are classified as ‘Type 2 which is caused by an unhealthy diet and lifestyle :-


This is totally avoidable !


Diabetes occurs when our bodies lose the capability to make use of glucose  – type of sugar just really strong weight as levels rise circulation suffers and blood vessels can be damaged left untreated type 2 diabetes can raise the risk of heart attacks blindness and m station researchers from the university of tasmania and 2 of australian science institutions started the diet and lifestyles of 1000 896 men and women aged 26 to 30 secs almost 40 percent of men 20 percent of women at a take away twice a week or more volunteers on derwent arrange a medical checks testing test for glucose and insulin levels high levels of both men body is heading for type 2 diabetes researchers found women have a take away twice tomorrow wake up significantly higher blood sugar levels does that the monterey call s else had higher insurance card much higher than a test of time to be coming to visit in to home and I will ring sign of diabetes hello man in the study of social damaged the fax so much less severe researcher said it was hard to tell if it was the fast food access weight cause by products lack of exercise because of problems added this isn’t clear the differences between 1 takeaway weekend to open it it is difficult but I’m a p represents an increased risk of cardiovascular disease type 2 diabetes survey was published in the european journal of clinical nutrition in 2008 which study found a single indian takeaway contain 23.2 grams of saturated fat more than a woman daily entire day loans

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